Kailua Beach Houses

We found some beach houses at Kailua Beach Park.  Kailua Beach, located on the Windward side of Oahu, is about 30 minutes from Waikiki and 35 minutes from the Kahala Mandarin Oriental Hotel, the site of our wedding and reception. 

You wonít get the benefits or amenities of staying at a five-star hotel, but it is a different experience that some of you may find more appealing.  The town where AJ lives, Kailua is a little more peaceful than Waikiki and can be a bit cheaper, too.  Kailua Beach is one of the best beaches on the island and in all Hawaii. 

Some of our guests, including our families, have already decided to stay in Kailua during the first part of the week, then move to Waikiki or Kahala during the latter part of the week.  Up to you of course.  This, after all, is your vacation.

Here are just some of the beach houses weíve found in Kailua.

Coral Estates

Coral Estates is one of the newest beach houses in Kailua, and itís a half block from Kailua Beach.  Itís set up more like a house with 5 separate rooms: 2 large rooms downstairs and 3 smaller rooms upstairs.  There are2 kitchenettes (one for upstairs and one for downstairs).

The prices for the five rooms are:

Room Name Sleeps Rate
Gardenia Room 2 full beds $125
Jungle Room 1 king, 1 single $95
Hibiscus Room 1 queen bed $75
Plumeria Room 1 full bed $75
Ocean Room 2 single beds $75

Check out their website at http://www.hawaiibeachvacation.com.  Their number is (808) 261-5455.  Ask for Anna.  

Tell Anna youíre with the Espiritu-Halagao wedding, and she will give you a break on your room.  Because you're part of the wedding, Anna will not charge you the higher "holiday" rate, which normally applies during Thanksgiving.

Kailua Beachside Cottages

Kailua Beachside Cottages has 4 cottages to choose from.  We cannot vouch for the inside (haven't seen the inside) but we did take a look at the property from the outside.  The location is right, and so are the prices. 

Room Name Sleeps Rate
2 Bedroom 4-5 people $170
1 Bedroom 3 people $100
Studio 3 people $85

Their website is http://www.10kvacationrentals.com/pats.  The Kailua Beachside Cottages are listed on this site as Units 13, 14, 16, 22, 27 and 28.  Their telephone number is (808) 261-1653.  Ask for Angela.  

Tell Angela youíre with the Espiritu-Halagao wedding, and she'll give you a 10% discount off any cottage or house they have listed on their Web site.

Suggested Kailua Beach Houses Web Sites

Other Kailua Beach houses can be found through travel agents, via Hawaii travel books (e.g. Letís Go Hawaii, Frommerís Hawaii), or on one of the following suggested Web sites:

www.10kvacationrentals.com/pats - Ask Angela for a 10% discount.